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Black Mickey Mouse Boots - Military Surplus

Black Mickey Mouse Boots - Military Surplus
Brand Name: Made in USA - Genuine Government Surplus - New

Black Mickey Mouse Boots - Government Surplus

One of the Warmest Military Boots Available!

  • Boot, Insulated, Cold Weather Rubber (Black) for Wet-Cold Use
  • Insulated with layers of Wool and Felt Sealed between rubber inner-layers
  • Rugged Boots Built to Last in Cold-Wet Weather
  • Thick Felt Liners Seal Out Moisture & Cold Air
  • Rated down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Usually Worn with 1 pair of Wool, Cushion Sole Socks
  • CONDITION: NEW (Scuffs may be visible due to government storage)
  • MADE IN U.S.A. - Government Surplus Item

NOTE: The Valve on the side of the boot is NOT for inflating. This is meant to relieve pressure when flying at high altitudes. DO NOT try to inflate your boots.

Mickey Mouse boots were introduced towards the end of the Korean war and produced by the United States Government until the early 1990s.

Select QTY SKU Size Unit Price
MM-BOOTS (H)-07.0REG  7 Reg $49.99
MM-BOOTS (H)-07.0WIDE  7 Wide $49.99
MM-BOOTS (H)-08.0REG  8 Reg $49.99
MM-BOOTS (H)-08WIDE  8 Wide $49.99
MM-BOOTS (H)-09.0REG  9 Reg $49.99
MM-BOOTS (H)-09.0WIDE  9 Wide $49.99
MM-BOOTS (H)-10.0REG  10 Reg $49.99
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